There is so much to be considered when it comes time to sell your home!

Selling in any market can be tricky and the pricing and presentation of your home is where it all begins. Marketing your home used to involve the simple placement of a sign and local advertisement.


The world is a different place now and the buyers have access to so much more info than in days past. Digital marketing, social media presence and accessibility is essential to bring as many qualified buyers to your home as possible.

"Before you list your home for sale

 these things are a MUST!"

Some simple staging

Some simple staging, a fresh coat of paint and a little elbow grease could bring in thousands more than you might expect. What to upgrade or replace prior to placing your home on the market can be a difficult decision. I will walk through your home with you and show you the small changes that will bring in the biggest return.


I will take all of the guess work out and point out what might be potential issues for a home inspector or appraiser. there will be no surprises when I get through and this should shorten the marketing time if priced correctly!

1. Purge and declutter!

 Your moving so start packing and throw away anything that you’re not taking with you! Clean counter tops, shelves, surface tops and tables! Start emptying those closet’s and tackle the garage or basement if you haven’t already!

2. Depersonalize!

Pack up personal photos of friends or family, make sure toothbrushes and personal items are hidden from view! Your home should show like a hotel room! Crisp and clean!


3. Get your paint brush

Freshly painted rooms and touch ups can literally translate into thousands more when you sell your home.

4. Curb Appeal

First impressions are critical! Buyers formulate an opinion in the first 5 seconds. Clean windows, cleared walkways and a few flowers can go a long way!


5. Deep Clean!

Good old fashioned elbow grease needed here. Bathrooms should sparkle, Kitchens should gleam and bedrooms should be organized! All rooms should smell fresh and clean so open those windows or light those candles.

6. Minor repairs

Lose hinges, broken doors and cracked glass should be a priority! If it squeaks or is just plain broken it’s time to do the work!

7. Price it Competitively

The market can change daily! Bidding wars a reality in this market but price it too high and you could risk losing several buyers and valuable marketing time.

8. Professional photography

Your home will be marketed and seen by thousands on the internet on fliers and in print ads. Make sure a professional photographer captures your home in the very best light.

9.  Staging can be key.

Placement or removal of furniture can make a world of difference when showcasing a room. Open spaces, cleared paths and appealing decor add to the buyers experience of choosing your home to purchase.

10.  Test major systems

Septic inspections, cleaning the heating system and checking the plumbing and electric can alleviate surprises and headaches when it comes time for the home inspection!


For selling your home in todays market

Pricing, timing and convenience are the key factors in negotiation!

I pride myself on my high level negotiation skills. As my client, your end goal remains my focus. Once you have secured the buyer, the process should move swiftly and seamlessly. Inspection dates and financing contingencies have to be fulfilled and you should start packing! 

You will be surprised how fast moving day comes. There is so much to be done and my experience will keep things moving smoothly. Every now and then things don't go as planned and what seems like a huge problem is just an opportunity in disguise. As your representative there is no obstacle I cant navigate! 

Your HOME becomes my priority and product

communication is the most important part of this process

I enlist a professional photographer, web designer, administrative team, several loan officers and home repair vendors who will be at your disposal and come highly recommended. 

I am available seven days a week.  I am always honored when the trust is put in me to sell your home. I look forward to the opportunity!


It never hurts to see what your home is worth in todays market, so call me anytime for a FREE MARKET ANALYSIS

of your home

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