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"Advanced Career Building"

A fast paced seminar that will 

advance your career to the next level.

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As a Certified Career Development Specialist for over ten years, Missy brings a level of confidence and enthusiasm to her training that is unparalleled.


A lifetime of Real Estate Service drives the passion Missy has to help others succeed in the industry. As a master trainer and speaker Missy engages her students with real life anecdotes and a level of practicality that is applicable and fundamental.


A consistent top producer for over twenty five years, working with hundreds of buyers and sellers, Missy has a foundation and savvy that flows effortlessly into her classes.

"If you are NEW to the REAL ESTATE BUSINESS, don't miss Accelerate!"

Join Missy for TWO DAYS of fast paced learning, on just how to ACCELERATE your career!

Missy focuses on the basic principles behind every TOP PRODUCING AGENT! She will share tips and ideas that you can apply to your daily systems. A CLASS LIKE NO OTHER that 

includes all aspects of the business.....Missy "reduces it to the ridiculous" and gives you

twenty six years of experience this entertaining, all encompassing work shop!

Up Coming 2019 Dates


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Who is Missy DeMille Meet her and hear her passion and love for training Real Estate agents nation wide!  As a 26 year vet in the business come learn about her intense 2 day Seminar that will accelerate your career faster than you can imagine!